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Divoká Šárka

Named after a mythic female warrior, this nature reserve is located just 10 minutes by tram from my dorm in Prague 6. While varying slightly by sources, in Czech Folklore it is said that during a time before Prague even existed, there was a male tribe on one side of the Vltava and a female tribe on the other. The women wanted to defeat the male tribe and knew the only way to do this was to kill the strongest male warrior, Citrad. The female tribe devised a plan in which their most beautiful warrior, Šárka was sent as bait. Šárka is said to have seduced Citrad and killed him while he was sleeping. Some versions of the story say Šárka actually fell in love with Citrad and was so overcome with grief that she in turn decided to kill herself by jumping off one of the cliffs.

Knowing the story behind the name of the reserve I have fallen in love with during my time here in Prague, I felt it was only fitting to create a photo series to reflect it. Here is my new-age female tribe of warriors. 

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